About me

The time, Sunday, May 26th 2013. The Place, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
It was my first visit to the giant and ancient Speedway. As I approached the Speedway, Georgetown Ave. was flooded with hundreds of thousands of people. I had never been to any auto race before, nor any event that gathered so many people into one place at one time. Armed with my camera, I entered, just in time to see the engines fire up for the first few parade laps.
That's all it took. I immediately realized what I wanted to with my photography, and my life. I wanted to shoot professional auto racing full time.
Currently, I am a commercial photographer for www.PetSolutions.com and PetValu. I have worked for the company for over 6 years. In my free time, I try to make it to any professional racing event that I can get to. This website is a showcase for my passion and drive to accomplish my goal of shooting professional sports full time.

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